Honourable Eugenia Wraxton

The Honourable Eugenia Wraxton was a slender young woman, rather above the average height, who was accustomed to hearing herself described as a tall, elegant girl. Her features were aristocratic, and she was generally held to be a good-looking girl, if a trifle colourless. She was dressed with propriety but great modesty in a gown of dove-coloured crape, whose sober hue seemed to indicate her mourning estate. Her hair, which she wore in neat bands, was of a soft tint between brown and gold; she had long, narrow hands and feet; and rather a thin chest, which, however, was rarely seen, her Mama having the greatest objection to such low-cut bodices as (for instance) Miss Stanton-Lacy, was wearing. She was the daughter of a Viscount, and, although she was always careful not to appear proud, perfectly aware of her worth. Her manners were gracious, and she took pains to put people at their ease.
(ch. iii)