HENRY, 6th Baron

b. 1517. Upon the death of his Father he Prudently withdrew to the Continent, but returned on hearing of his Brother's End, and by Careful Policy won back the confiscated Title and Estates. m. 1547, Adela, daughter of a Nobleman of Large Fortunem and managed to Survive the Reighns of Edward VI and Mary I. His Foresight let him secretly to Forsake the Old Religion, and to open Tentative Communications with the Protestant Party. Owing to an Unfortunate Remark he fell into Disfavour under Elizabeth, but managed to reinstate himself by the Judicious Tender of a Handsome Present. He afterwards withdrew to his Estates, but his latter years were Disturbed by the Impetuous Conduct of his Younger Son, whose Daring Spirit, and Astonishing Exploits occasioned him Grave Misgivings. He passed away, 1580, in the arms of his heir, Gerard, who was said to greatly resemble him.