GEOFFREY, 2nd Baron

b. 1423. Early exhibited signs of his Mother's Violent Disposition, and Rebelled frequently against the Iron Rule of his Father. Quarrelled with his brother Henry (q.v.) and Bitterly Resented County of Belremy being bestowed on him. m. 1445. Alys, daughter of a Gentleman of Inferior Lineage, thus enraging his Father. Soon became Permanently estranged from Simon as a Consequence of Embracing the Yorkist Party. Steered a Perilous and Intricate Course through the War of the Roses, and finally Deserted the Yorkist Cause upon the Mysterious Demise of the Nephews of Richard III, which event he felt needed an Explanation which was not Forthcoming. Opened communications with Henry, Earl of Richmond, but becoming Exasperated by the Cautious Policy of Henry, he retired from Public Life, and spent the Remainder of his life upon his Estates. d. 1485, of the Sweating-Sickness.