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[86] Wed 6 Jul 2005, 22:30

- Christina Johns -

Michigan, USA

Contact: Christina Johns
I am so happy to have found this website! I have been a Georgette Heyer fan since high school(a friend who had spent a year in England turned me on to the books). She is the only author that I have enjoyed re-reading at different times in my life. Now I am 56 and have found her books on tape can keep me happy on my many hours in the car. In 1981 we even named our first child, Christopher "Kit" after one of the twin sons in one of my favorite books!(My husband did not know this,however)
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[85] Tue 5 Jul 2005, 21:24

- Angela -

Melbourne, Australia

Contact: Angela
Back in the 1950s when my Mum suggested I read my first Georgette Heyer novel I don't think she could have realised it would be a life long obsession for me. I have bought all her books, given them away and rebought them so many times! I must have read each one four or five times. I don't think I will ever find another writer who I enjoy quite as much. But does anyone know how to get modern teenagers to read them? My kids are in their early twenties and only read Dan Brown or similar! :-(
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[84] Mon 4 Jul 2005, 20:37

- Becky -


I've been reading Georgette Heyer snce I was 14 (36 yeasrs a fan now!).
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[83] Mon 4 Jul 2005, 12:17

- Ellen Baker -


Contact: Ellen Baker
I am looking for regency romance authors who write about engaging characters like Mrs. Heyer.....not many can be found. (no graphic sex scenes) Patricia Veryan does a super job with quite a few books, Blair Bancroft, and June Drummond (only 2 romance books but good). Any other suggestions? Ellen
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[82] Mon 4 Jul 2005, 11:12

- Anne -


Contact: Anne
Good site and nice to know there's lots of us Heyer fans out there. :-)
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[81] Sat 2 Jul 2005, 17:19

- jude -


I love this webside! It's great to see that there are so many fans of the novels out there!!
I love all the novels, but "Devil's Cub" is my favourite...
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[80] Fri 1 Jul 2005, 15:01

- Lizzie -

Kent, England

Have just discovered your excellent site. Loved the intro and look forward to the reissue of The private world of GH.As a fan for nearly 30 yrs, since 12, I've found different books appeal at different stages of life, currently the later works featuring more mature heroines.
I've read several of the new reissues and feel many covers are poorly chosen, there are frequent typos, and the end pages are sloppily written. I loved the Heinemann hardback covers best.
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[79] Thu 30 Jun 2005, 11:55

- faye shelly -


i have enjoyed reading all of her books. they have all been reprinted in the u.k and i am collecting them all. her books are well written and reseached. as a history fan i was impressed with the is good to know a good author is not forgotten.
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[78] Thu 30 Jun 2005, 07:48

- Krystyna Hilton -

West Yorkshire, England

Contact: Krystyna Hilton
I've just discovered this website. Brilliant! An avid fan since teen years (now a grandma...) I love her work - I've grown more discerning over the years so that where These Old Shades was a firm favourite in early years, Leon/Leonie now only irritates. However, that does not detract from the masterly crafting and delightful use of language in the book. Currently reading The Foundling. Thank you Sally - I shall be a regular visitor. Krys
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[77] Tue 28 Jun 2005, 23:19

- Julia Labatut -

Louisiana, USA

Love the "Cant Guide". At first I thought "all these hilarious expressions, she must be making SOME of them up", but now I can look at the guide for their actual meanings. "Windy-wallets" is one of my favorites!
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[76] Tue 28 Jun 2005, 16:32

- Barbara Grasset -


Contact: Barbara Grasset
I started reading Georgette Heyer when I was 15 and 35 years later I am still reading her with even more pleasure than ever. When I am down, especially when I am down, then I run for old favourites that make me smile and restore good humour. When I am irritated or disappointed by somebody's behaviour then the ordered world of Georgette Heyer restores my calm and makes me smile. My own private sorrows or worries or anguish have often been reduced or apaised by her writing. Thank you Georgette Heyer!!
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[75] Sun 26 Jun 2005, 10:01

- Elizabeth Paice -

London, England

Contact: Elizabeth Paice
I am re-reading the books of Georgette Heyer with total joy. I first read her as a teenager in teh 60s. Then recently, I saw "Cotillion" in my local Waterstones and thought what if..... I'm so glad I bought it. It has reawakened my love of her books. I have just read "Regency Buck" and "Sylvester" TWICE and with each reading I find new things to admire in her excellent writing. Perhaps a clue to the author is to be found in Phoebe Marlow, heorine of "Sylvester": "Phoebe had developed into a real authoress, and one, moreover, who had written a stirring romance worthy of being published. She had written it after her London season. It had come white-hot from her ready pen..." Could young Phoebe be a young Georgette?
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[74] Sat 25 Jun 2005, 12:21

- Skeats -


Sally, if you have contacts with Random House can you get them to proofread their texts more carefully?
I've just re-read their version of "Arabella" and was annoyed to read Arabella promising Beaumaris to be "a comfortable" wife instead of "conformable". It takes away the humour of his promising to be an "unexceptionable husband" reply! (or maybe it was changed in the American version)?
Loads of other errors in the other books too.
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[73] Thu 23 Jun 2005, 07:30

- Emily -


On the home page, it says that Random House is re-issuing "The Private World of Georgette Heyer". I can find no trace of that on their website, however - where did this website find its news?
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[72] Wed 22 Jun 2005, 04:59

- Rita Lindley -

Wichita, Kansas

Contact: Rita Lindley
:-)She is so great. No one writes like her. Also, love Willa Cather.
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